2024 aluminum alloy, the main alloying elements are copper and magnesium. It is used where high strength but low weight ratio is required, as well as good fatigue strength. Not weldable, general processing performance. Due to poor corrosion resistance, aluminum-zinc splints are often used as protection, and as a result, fatigue strength is reduced.

2024 aluminium alloy parts
2024 aluminium alloy parts

Basic nature

2024 aluminum alloy with a density of 2.73 g/cm3 (0.098 lb/in3).

Mechanical properties

The mechanical properties of 2024 aluminum alloy depend on the degree of tempering of the material [1].


2024-0, no heat treatment required. ** Tensile strength 30,000-32,000 psi (207-220 MPa), ** drop strength not exceeding 14,000 psi (96 MPa). The elongation is 10-12%.


2024-T3, ultimate tensile strength 58,000-62,000 psi (400-427 MPa), drop strength 39,000-40,000 psi (269-276 MPa). The elongation is 10-15%.


2024-T351, ultimate tensile strength 68,000 psi (470 MPa), 41,000 psi (280 MPa). The elongation is 19%.


Due to its high strength cnc machining and good fatigue strength, 2024 aluminum alloy is widely used in aircraft structures, especially under tension between the wing and fuselage structure.

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