1.Application of CNC machining technology in the automotive industry

The traditional automobile industry usually pursues efficiency and scale. At present, society has put forward higher requirements for automobile functions, requiring the overall performance of the car to be good, and the accuracy of parts and components. At the same time, the numerical control technology should be strengthened in the current era. application. Numerical control technology can promote the rapid development of automobile machining enterprises to small-scale, personalized and high efficiency.

The use of numerical control technology can also be used for rapid machining of automotive cylinders, connecting rods, piston crankshafts and other components. In addition, the use of CNC machine tools must be strengthened during stamping, painting, and welding. Workers need to combine industrial robots and CNC machine tools with computers to implement flexible manufacturing systems to improve work quality and efficiency.

At present, most automobile companies will use CNC technology for automotive machining. The use of robots can improve work efficiency and quality and ensure the safety of workers.

Application Of Cnc Machining
Application Of Cnc Machining

2.Application of NC machining technology in coal mining machinery

NC technology can be fully used in the process of coal mining machinery. In the process of manufacturing coal mining machinery, it is usually necessary to cut materials and make blanks. In this process, CNC machining technology can be fully utilized. The numerical control technology can effectively adjust the parameters of the process, and also realize the intelligent manufacturing, which can promote the overall improvement of the operating efficiency and the quality of production. It can also promote the comprehensive improvement of mechanical performance without the need for staff participation, which effectively reduces Risk of personnel. During the machining of the shearer floating oil seal structure, workers should ensure that the seal ring compression is equal between the protruding surface of the inner ring and the concave curved surface of the outer ring. In this process, it is possible to promote cutting by using numerical control gas cutting Faster speed can guarantee the accuracy of machining.

3.Application of CNC machining technology in aerospace

Aerospace technology is an important symbol of the development of science and technology in China and an important manifestation of the improvement of comprehensive national strength. Aerospace technology needs to pay more attention to accuracy. In aerospace equipment, a variety of lightweight materials are generally used, such as titanium alloys, aluminum alloys, and so on. If traditional methods are used to cut titanium alloys and aluminum alloys, it is easy to cause deformation of parts and components, which will have a large negative impact on the accuracy of machining and the overall quality. However, in the process of manufacturing aerospace equipment, by using numerical control technology combined with high-speed mechanical technology, not only the heat output is small, but the cutting speed is high and the quality is high. In addition, numerical control technology, fuzzy control technology and artificial neural network technology are integrated with each other, so that dynamic machining can be realized, and the accuracy of machining can be comprehensively improved to meet the needs of aerospace equipment.

4.Application of CNC machining technology in industrial production

In the process of industrial production, the use of numerical control technology can be strengthened. The typical application of numerical control technology is industrial robots. Industrial robots can quickly accept human instructions and can work in accordance with a set program. Industrial robots are generally used in many production links such as welding, industrial handling, machining, painting and assembly. By using industrial robots to replace humans, you can achieve work in harmful, toxic, and high-temperature environments, which avoids these harsh conditions among workers Dangers of working in the environment. In addition, industrial robots include many key technologies. For example, high-speed performance controllers, high-performance servo motors, and precision reducers, etc. Industrial robots are mainly controlled by computer technology, and the control panel drives to complete operations, which effectively guarantees production safety and reliability, and also improves production Product production quality and production efficiency.

Application Of Cnc Machining

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