High Precision Automobile Dies Overview

The rubber stamping parts which may clearly share the image attributes of car are car panels. Therefore , the more particular automobile kick the bucket can be said to get “automobile panel stamping die”. Abbreviated while automobile panel die. For example , the cutting die designed for the front door outer panel, the punching die designed for the front door inner panel, etc .

Swiss cnc brass shaft machining

Some problems demand unique solutions. Engineers at MINGHE deliver accurate, reliable, and cost efficient designs that are customized to meet specified lengths, shaft diameters, restricted clearance areas and so much more. For example, we created a modified version of our JTL that was capable of taper cutting up to 45°. For questions about a custom solution to meet specific needs, contact us

5 axis cnc machining impeller

5 axis cnc machining impeller by precision machines.Most of the materials we use are cast iron,carbon steels, stainless steels(304, 304L, 316, 316L), alloy steels, Aluminium alloys, copper, Zinc alloys, steel sheeting, Al sheeting, Mould steels.Our serves are mainly in CNC machining,machining parts,pump parts,pump body,pump impeller and mechanical seals. Seals materials include Ceramic,Silicon carbide,Carbon.