Grinding methods can be divided into cylindrical grinding, cylindrical grinding, centerless grinding, surface grinding, forming grinding, gear grinding, thread grinding, east-west grinding, general lathe surface grinding and so on. Corresponding NC grinding methods have become more and more important in the grinding process with the development of NC technology.

CNC grinder can process some special parts that cannot be machining on general grinders (such as shaft parts with special curves, special-shaped parts with more than three coordinate requirements, molds, etc.), so it is used to process a wide range of parts. In order to make the most of the economic benefits of CNC grinding machines, the following machining objects can be given priority consideration.


1.Repeated commissioning of parts is more effective

的 The preparatory man-hours for the processes using CNC machining grinder machines occupy a high share. For example, process analysis preparation, programming, first trial adjustment of parts.

The sum of these inductive man-hours is often several tens to hundreds of times the number of man-hours for the machining of a single part of a part, but the contents of these CNC lathe operations (such as special general lathe fixtures, process files, programs, etc.) can be saved and used repeatedly. When the parts are successfully trial-produced on the CNC grinder and then put into production again, the production cycle is greatly reduced, the cost is also small, and better economic benefits can be obtained.

2.Require to focus on ensuring the machining quality and efficient production of key parts of small and medium batches

Control grinding machine can realize high-precision, high-quality and high-efficiency grinding machining under the control of computer. Compared with the special grinding machine, it can save a lot of special process equipment, has strong flexible manufacturing capacity and achieve better economic benefits.

Compared with general grinders, it can remove many artificial disturbance factors in the long process flow of chaotic machining, and has good consistency and interchangeability of machining parts and high machining efficiency.

3.The machining batch of parts should be larger than that of general grinder

Numerical control grinding When machining non-CNC grinding machines for small and medium batch parts, due to various reasons, the pure cutting time only accounts for 10% -30% of the actual working hours. When machining on a CNC grinding machine such as a grinding machining center with multiple processes, this share may rise to 70% -80%, but the preparation adjustment time is often much longer, so the part batch will change if it is too small. Not economical.

4.The parts to be machining should fit the technical characteristics of the multi-process convergence machining of the CNC grinder.

The condition of the grinding wheel laser cutting the workpiece when the CNC grinding machine is machining parts is completely the same as that of the corresponding non-NC grinding machine. The end face of the tapered surface or stepped shoulder is generally ground by a grinder.

In addition to CNC cylindrical grinders, it can also grind toroidal surfaces (including convex and concave surfaces), as well as various forms of chaotic combined surfaces.

5.Balance of Inductive Machining Capability of Parts

As a single CNC grinder, it is difficult to complete the entire machining content of a part, and it needs to be transferred and coordinated with the machining procedures of other equipment, so there is a requirement for a balance between production cycle and workshop production capacity.

So it is necessary to give full play to the machining characteristics of CNC  grinders, and CNC grinders must reasonably organize supporting balancing procedures on other machining equipment.

6.Some special parts machining considerations

Although some parts have small machining batches, general lathes have cluttered shapes and high quality, and require good interchangeability. This cannot be achieved on non-NC grinders and can only be machining on CNC grinders, such as parabola, cycloid cam As well as mirrors with special profiles.

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