Cnc machining led housing
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Cnc machining led housing from MINGHE cnc machining factory

The MINGHE factory has more than ten years of experience in OEM/ODM die cast aluminum led bulb light housing by 4 axis cnc machining Cnc machining LED housing from china factory.
CNC Machining LED House Specifications:

1,linear light metal cover
2, wash wall led light housing.
3,extrusion aluminium CNC machining
4,ISO9001 certified factory.

Minghe cnc machining application range:

aluminium cover for led light, counter led light housing , light metal housing, wash wall light heatsink housing,cabinet led outer shell, cupboard light housing, and furnture light aluminium shell,cabinet light aluminium shell,lighting housing, linear light metal cover, wash wall led light housing.
Process:CNC machining–Dilling Holes/ Threading– Quality Check (dimension and surface) — Acid Washing– Sanding Blasting– Silver Anodize — FQC(Surface Vision Checking)– Packing Tiny Sand Blasting Finish Brings Very High End Surface Looking and Good Feeling For Touching.

  • Product name: led bulb light housing
  • No+Color:custom
  • Surface treatment:oxidation
  • Product material:aluminum
  • Material:Al 6061
  • Proofing cycle:7 days(100000 pcs/M)
  • Application:LED heatsink
  • machining factory: minghe
  • Product Category: led bulb light housing
  • Production Process:Lathe machining+compound machine machining+die casting
  • Size:According to customer drawings

Minghe’s other cnc machining work range:

The MINGHE factory has more than ten years of experience in custom die cast aluminum led bulb light housing by 4 axis machining and has a complete production system for surface treatment, structural processing and metal molds.
1,extrusion mold designing – Opening  toolling- Die trial
2,first article assurance
3,aluminium mass production
4,cutting 5,deep processing ( punching / stamping, milling, taping, milling machining, polishing.)
6,surface treatment (wire drawing,Surface cleaning, anodizing, powder coating, baking varnish,Save Sample.)
For last ,Our company has high power aluminium section extruded machines and high temperature blanket automatic transmission production lines. Our fig making workshop has multiple advanced line cutting equipment and spark machines with our advantage of high fixture making level. There are also Computer digital control drilling and milling machines, double-head saws, hydraulic saws and punchers in our processing workshop.

And the complete technological process can benefit to reduce the production turnover times for semi-finished products, avoid the damage during transportation, improve the production efficiency, reduce the cost of production and ensure the quality and delivery time.

Our products: Aluminium profile, prototype extrusion aluminium, universal aluminium profile, Aluminium windows & doors, windows and door frame, architecture& decoration aluminum, aluminium Heat sink, LED heat sink, aluminum shell & housing & enclosure ,electronic products housing, protection shade, face-plate & panel board,aluminium machining, industrial aluminium products and aluminium extruded sections, Extrusion die mold, etc.

Reference:china cnc machine factory

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