The bosses of many small and medium-sized enterprises in China attach great importance to customer requirements and responses, which has led to the company becoming completely a subsidiary and workshop of customers, and the types and needs of customers are diverse and ever-changing, and the resources of enterprises are limited Yes, if one customer’s requirements are met, it is difficult to meet the requirements of another customer at the same time. In theory, customer-centricity is the operating philosophy of modern enterprises. Enterprises should move with the needs of customers, but from an operational perspective, it is difficult.

Because the existence of each enterprise is first for its own profit, the purpose of the enterprise is for itself, and in order to achieve this purpose, it has to pay attention to the needs of customers. It can be seen that its own self-existence and profit are the purpose to satisfy customers. Need is a means, so when the company is in chaos in order to meet the needs of customers, and it has paid a cost and price that the company cannot bear, the company should reflect on its behavior model, and the company should think about how it can lead a better life.

When cnc machine shop think about how they can get better, management starts to be on the agenda. In the past, the practice of simply fighting the market began to shift to the stage of relying on the market and relying on internal management. The eyes of business management began to be internal and external. Taking into account, the company’s behavior began to move towards self-control.

The planning department is the key department of the company’s self-control. Because all external customer requirements and information must be transformed into corporate behavior, they need to be filtered and intervened through the plan. Enterprises have gradually come to understand that they must not only meet customer needs, but also have The choice to satisfy must be done according to the customer’s requirements, but the customer’s requirements must be incorporated into the company’s overall goals to meet the customer’s needs. It is not 100% obedient to the customer, but through active guidance and Communication reached an agreement, became a common need of the enterprise and the customer, and then used corporate resources to achieve this common goal.

When a company faces a dilemma, it means that the company has not really made its own characteristics and has not obtained a clear and accurate positioning in the market. They want to do business with all customers and want to make money. All the money is unlikely, but I think there is no other way to win customers by the end result, not the style and characteristics.

They are no different from other suppliers who deal with customers. Customers may leave him at any time, and customers do business with him only occasionally and randomly.

Because his business depends on a lot of chance and randomness, he will desperately seize every opportunity because he doesn’t know where the next opportunity is. This is the nervousness and turbulence shown by the lack of a sense of control in the future, but it is misunderstood as “customer-centric” and “market-oriented” by the company itself. This is a fallacy and can only prove such a company Not yet mature, or maturing, but it should definitely not be understood that they are practicing the “customer-centric” business philosophy in mature practice.

Therefore, many small and medium-sized enterprises are warned to be truly customer-centric, not by relying on the customer at the cost of confusion, but by relying on their accurate market positioning and characteristics, and on certain types. Customers, not all customers, form a stable relationship to achieve this. The planned nature of production just helps companies to face customers with a stable attitude.How Machine Shops Want To Make Profit

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