Laser Engraving logo in aluminum plate

Light weight aluminum alloy lazer engraving devices with different configuration settings can be supplied according to the requirements of customers. The laser engraving machine just for aluminium combination can achieve the consequence of black, white colored, deep engraving and superficial engraving upon machining aluminium combination products. It could engrave photographs, patterns, personas, two-dimensional limitations, serial numbers, icons, anti-counterfeiting limitations, codes, clubhouse codes upon silver rings, jewelry, equipment products, metallic parts, stainless-steel, aluminium combination, plastic items, etc . The Yintao lazer equipment provides the advantages of fast engraving acceleration, high creation efficiency, extended service life, basic operation, actually zero consumables elements only need electrical energy, pattern and text. Thoughts can be revised at will, keeping labor, secure and environmental protection, nil pollution, and engraved sayings and habits can not lose color and decline for a long time.

The effect of materials on engraving

Metal alloy is among the most widely used nonferrous metal strength materials in industry. It is widely used in aviation, ceiling, automobile, machines manufacturing, shipping and delivery and substance industry. When using the rapid advancement industrial financial system, the demand with welded strength parts of aluminum alloy is normally increasing daily, which makes your research on weldability of aluminum alloy expand. Aluminum cnc machining is the most trusted alloy at this time.?

Laser engraving application

Cnc machining services and Laser engraving has low density nonetheless high strength, near or over superior steel, very good plasticity, and is processed in various background. It has terrific electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance. It is actually widely used in industry, and your usage is normally second just to steel. A lot of aluminium metals can obtain very good mechanical homes, physical homes and corrosion resistance by simply heat treatment. These aluminum alloy goods will be personalized with CUSTOM LOGO trademarks, text message patterns, roles, codes, and businesses are employing laser decoration to carry out. Laser decoration can be used to cast products while not fading or perhaps falling off.

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