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Multi-Spindle Machining Technology Promotes The Development Of The Machine Tool Industry

With the development of CNC technology, multi-spindle machining centers are getting more and more widely used. As the basis of modern machinery manufacturing technology, NC machining technology has made significant changes in the machinery manufacturing process. Compared with traditional machining technology, modern CNC machining technology is significantly different in many aspects, such as machining technology, machining process control, and machining equipment and process equipment. The CNC machine tools we are familiar with have three linear coordinate axes of XYZ. Multi-axis refers to having at least the 4th axis on a machine tool. Generally speaking, multi-axis NC machining refers to NC machining with more than 4 axes, of which the representative is 5-axis CNC machining.

The work can control the linkage of more than 4 coordinate axes at the same time, and combine the functions of CNC milling, CNC boring, and CNC drilling. After the workpiece is clamped at one time, the machining surface can be processed in multiple processes such as milling, boring, and drilling, which is effective. The ground avoids positioning errors caused by multiple installations, can shorten the production cycle, and improve machining accuracy. With the rapid development of mold manufacturing technology, higher requirements are placed on the machining capacity and efficiency of the machining center, so the multi-axis CNC machining technology has achieved unprecedented development.

The Characteristics Of Multi-Axis Machining

(1) Reduce reference conversion and improve machining accuracy.

The integration of the multi-axis CNC machining process not only improves the effectiveness of the process, but also because the parts only need to be clamped once in the entire machining process, the machining accuracy is more easily guaranteed.

(2) Reduce the number of fixtures and floor space.

Although the price of a single piece of equipment for a multi-spindle machining center is higher, due to the shortening of the process chain and the reduction of the number of equipment, the number of fixtures, workshop floor space and equipment maintenance costs also decrease.

(3) Shorten the production process chain and simplify production management.

The complete machining of multi-spindle cnc machining tools greatly shortens the production process chain, and because only the machining tasks are assigned to one job, it not only simplifies production management and planning and scheduling, but also significantly improves transparency. The more complex the workpiece, the more obvious its advantages over traditional production methods with decentralized processes. At the same time, due to the shortening of the production process chain, the number of work in process must be reduced, which can simplify production management, thereby reducing the cost of production operations and management.

(4) Shorten the development cycle of new products.

For enterprises in the aerospace, automotive and other fields, some new product parts and molding dies have complex shapes and high precision requirements. Therefore, multi-spindle machining centers with high flexibility, high precision, high integration and complete machining capabilities can It can well solve the problems of precision and cycle of complex parts machining in the process of new product development, greatly shorten the development cycle and improve the success rate of new products.

Multi-axis Machining Superiority

The multi-axis CNC machining center has the characteristics of high efficiency and high precision. After the workpiece is clamped at one time, it can complete 5 faces. If equipped with a 5-axis linkage high-end CNC system, it can also perform high-precision machining of complex space curved surfaces, which is very suitable for forming molds for workpieces such as automobile parts and aircraft structural parts.

Its biggest advantage is that it makes the machining of the original complex parts much easier, and shortens the machining cycle and improves the surface machining quality. The improvement of product quality requires higher product performance. If it is processed by a double-turn table and five-axis linkage machine tool, due to the special optical effect requirements of the headlight mold, the many small curved surfaces used for reflection have very high indicators of machining accuracy and finish. The requirements, especially the finish, almost require a mirror effect. The use of high-speed cutting process equipment and a five-axis linkage machine tool ball milling cutter to cut the mirror effect becomes very easy, while the past relatively backward machining methods are almost impossible to achieve. The five-axis linkage machine tool can be used to complete the mold machining quickly, the delivery is fast, the quality of the mold is better guaranteed, the mold machining is easier, and the mold modification is easier.

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