Stainless steel machining technology refers to the processing of stainless steel by laser cutting, folding, bending, welding, etc. to obtain stainless steel products for industrial production. In the processing of stainless steel, a large number of machine tools, instruments and stainless steel processing equipment are required. But pay attention to the following three things:

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stainless steel machining
  • First, rough grinding: When the grinding is light, there is a slight squeak. As the number of tools increases, the number of fine parts is increased, and a fine abrasive surface begins to appear. At this time, the cutting performance is poor. When the grinding wheel makes a loud noise, practice shows that when the grinding wheel emits a more uniform sound, the grinding wheel is sharper and the cutting performance is better. When the static and dynamic loads are large, the grinding wheel changes. It indicates that it is dull and needs to be repaired in time. Of course, because the data of the knife and the depth of the knife are not the same, the movement is different.

Stainless steel machining parts rough grinding and fine grinding work to pay attention to

  • Second, fine grinding: the dressing of the grinding wheel should be slightly fine. Shortly after the start, the abrasive particles will wear a facet. At this time, a small number of cutting knives and a longitudinal cutting knives should be used to make the surface of the precision parts collide with the surface of the grinding wheel surface, thereby avoiding the kneading effect. In precision grinding, the roughness of the surface of the workpiece can be greatly reduced. According to the roughness of the workpiece, if the workpiece is shiny or sent to judge whether the grinding wheel is blunt, it should be close to the focus, otherwise it will easily cause surface burn of the precision metal workpiece.
  • Third, tool inspection and investigation. The stainless steel material has a low carbon content, and the spark during grinding is not easily detected, which brings great difficulty to the knife. Red ink can be used or both listening and static methods can be used.
cnc machining shop
cnc machining shop

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