What are the material requirements for machining precision machine parts? Be sure to pay attention to the material density before machining precision machine parts. Once the density is too large, the hardness is also large. Once the hardness exceeds the hardness of the turning tool, it cannot be processed. Not only does it damage parts, it can also be dangerous, such as a sharp knife flying out of the wound. So, what are the requirements for processing materials for precision mechanical parts?

Precision machining materials can be divided into metal materials and non-metal materials. For metal materials, stainless steel has the strongest hardness, followed by cast iron, followed by copper, and the smallest and softest is aluminum. Processing of ceramics, plastics, etc. is a non-metallic material processing.

cnc machining taypes
cnc machining taypes

Custom material for precision mechanical parts machining

  • 1. The first is the machining material hardness requirement. In some cases, the higher the hardness of the material, the better, but only for the hardness requirements of the machined parts. The processed material should not be too hard, once the machine parts can not be processed.
  • 2. Secondly, the hardness and softness of the processed material are moderate, at least one level lower than the hardness of the mechanical part. At the same time, it depends on the function of the processing equipment and the reasonable selection of mechanical parts.

All in all, precision machining still has certain requirements for materials. Not all materials are suitable for processing. For example, materials that are too soft or too hard, the former does not need processing, and the latter cannot be processed.

Therefore, in general, for machining, the quality of the material is lower than that of the machine tool, so that it can be processed. Not all materials can be precision machined, some materials are too hard, and the hardness of machine parts is greater than the hardness of machine parts, so these materials are not suitable for precision machining unless machine parts made of special materials or laser cuts.

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