What is screw hole forming ?

High precision screw hole forming technology

The High precision screw hole forming technology, generally known as the in-die tapping equipment, is a kind of appliances which cooperates with the ongoing die of hardware and will process the screw tooth cavity quickly even though stamping the hardware parts. At present, advanced screw tooth cavity forming technology of components parts gaps the traditional absorbing method. It is core should be to integrate the original “cnc machining” technology into a immediate forming inside the die. Due to effective elimination of second operation (first stamping, consequently tapping), the availability efficiency was greatly advanced, especially made for continuous, sophisicated and finely-detailed stamping dead.

In-die tapping technology knows “chip-free processing” in substantial sense. Mainly because tapping uses extrusion spigot, chips established by lowering will not be manufactured in the process of twine forming, that makes it clean and eco-friendly, and the power of twine has been better very well.
Primary features:
The production speed is definitely fast as well as the efficiency is definitely high.

That require personnel, long lifespan and low price

Wide range of versatility, whether part, top, bottom level, the mess holes in the inclined surface area can be formed. The window blind hole may also be machined.

The specifications of screws will be wide, and everything kinds of metric, British, American and non-standard screw openings are all appropriate.

The set up is simple, quick, stable and reliable.

Two. The working guideline of the pull test machine.

In the punch handling cycle, you will find three practical processes: feeding, positioning and bending. Seeing that shown in the figure under, the slider of the impact moves down and up.

A: impact stroke

N: punch press after item stable travelling

C: impact stroke during feeding

Down and up movement of D: tap into

Tap travelling after steady E: items

F: tap into safety distance

Penetration of G: tap into

H: tapping product density

K: tap into movement during feeding

At the same time of punching, B works extremely well for tapping, and the They would of taps is effective cnc machining services.

The feeding time (feeding angle) impacts the handling time of mess holes. One other factor which affects the handling time of the screw pit is the depth of the screw hole H, that is, how many pitches the depth of the screw hole has, and the more teeth the screw hole has, the more revolving circles it needs. In the process of punching, the processing of screw holes on the workpiece can only be done when the feeding stops and there is no movement in the horizontal direction. Therefore , when the feeding stops, the processing of screw holes begins, and when the feeding stops, the processing is completed at the lower dead point (180), and the lower dead point (180) tap begins to withdraw. Before the feeding starts, the tap goes out of the workpiece screw hole.

Working principle

The screw nut of the tapping machine is driven by the force of the upper and lower movement of the punch, and the standard torsion is output by the precise transmission ratio, which drives the tap to rotate to complete the tapping operation.

Three. Classification of aircraft

1 . mechanical single hole type

2 . mechanical porous machine.

3. introduction of mechanical split models

4. servo motor type

5. flexible shaft transmission type

Four. The way to install the tapping machine in the mold.

According to the product, impact and cease to live characteristics, the tapping equipment has unique installation varieties in the mould.

installing of mechanical types

(1) Unit installation method of suspended lifting platter, the product has got bending and deep attracting, big suspended, material offerring and rubber stamping process has got up and down movements, there are suspended lifting buy-ins to lift up and present materials.

(2) the unit installation mode of this model can be special, as well as the tap are not able to reach the screw ditch position normally. During the process of fabric transportation and stamping, you will find up and down actions, and the precise location of the tapping parts is curvy or requires special location.

(3) Unit installation mode of base style, material offerring and rubber stamping process, down and up movement is extremely small , cease to live floating regarding 0. 5-1 mm.

(4) bracket unit installation mode, manipulator conveying materials.

Example of unit installation: illustration of floating piece mold style

According to the unit installation mode of this mold tapping machine, the mold style needs to be combined with the mould tapping equipment design.

Unit installation and taking out methods of mechanised models

Cabinet type installation and take out installation technique, which tremendously facilitates the unit installation and disassembly of customers.

installment payments on your servo electric motor type unit installation mode

The servo electric motor type parts are fundamentally similar to the mechanised parts, as well as the installation strategies are very identical.

The suspended plate can be installed, installed on the upper formwork and installed on the lower formwork. It can be used for the design of automatic equipment for tapping.

3. installation of flexible shaft type

Five, taps

1 . taps installation and replacement methods

The tap is self-locking with quick locking, which is convenient, quick, stable and reliable.

2 . tap safety protection

In the metal machining parts,punch breaks and there is no bottom hole of the screw, the tap will retract to prevent the tap from breaking and protect the tap.

3. tap cooling mode

Vaporized oil mist cooling: accurate positioning at the tap, uniform atomization, ensure product cleanliness, prevent overheating of the tap.

4. factors affecting life of tap

Material Material: The higher the hardness of the material, the lower the life of the tap, the better the lubrication performance of the material, the longer the life of the tap, the better the material fluidity and the longer the life of the tap.

Taper linear speed: Tapping thread speed of the tap is the best 10 m/min~30 m/min, the speed is more than 30 m/min, the tap life decreases;
Taper cooling and lubrication: Taper high-speed operation produces heat, product materials are easy to bond to the tap groove, so that the screw hole becomes larger. Good cooling

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