The processing of hardware is to process the raw materials with lathes, milling machines, drilling machines, polishing machines, etc. according to the customer’s drawings or samples into various parts. In the process of hardware processing, sometimes there will be unilateral burrs. What is the reason?

 single burr
single burr
  1. The mold unit is negligent. If the punch and the fixed plate are not perpendicular or loose due to wear, or the positioning pin is loose, the convex and concave molds cannot be ensured to have a correct fixed orientation.
  2. Poor steering accuracy. If the mold guide is too large, the center line of the upper and lower molds will not coincide, which will affect the uniformity of the punched open space.
  3. Device negligence. When the non-guided mold is in the device, the orientation of the upper and lower cnc machining is prohibited to constitute an uneven ground. The surface of the stencil or the bottom plate on the mold is not clean, or the fastening of the upper mold screw may constitute a skew of the working part.
  4. Deformation during mold operation. For example, if the leakage hole of the mattress is too large, the template under the mold is too thin, and the rigidity of the die is insufficient, the empty space is affected by the deformation of the mold during the stamping.
  5. The empty space of the punch guide rail is too large, the parallelism between the bottom surface of the slider and the work surface is not good, or the sliding direction of the slider is not perpendicular to the work surface.
  6. When the maximum resistance of the workpiece is over 80% of the nominal pressure of the punching machine, the open punch is easy to deform the “C” shape, so that the center lines of the upper and lower molds do not coincide.
  7. The flatness of the sheet is poor. During the metal stamping process, the punch with a smaller diameter is skewed.
  8. Due to improper mold selection, die-casting and heat treatment processes, the concave mold is deformed during heat treatment or wire EDM, which affects the uniformity of the mold empty space.

The above are several reasons for the occurrence of unilateral burrs in hardware processing, I hope to help you.

cnc machining shop
cnc machining shop

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