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Cloud Computing Salary

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Salary Of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing Salary has been a question in trend. As Cloud Computing has been one of the most flourishing and advancing fields. The rise with which companies are adopting cloud and virtualization, it is not much of a surprise that cloud engineers are on high demand. The cause for such drastic adoption to cloud can include various reasons such as its effective resource utilization, cost optimization, data security and integrity and reduced risks.

However, the market demand for cloud engineers has not met the availability of cloud engineers. Such and unmet skill gap has caused the job to become one of the highest paying work today. It would be interesting to evaluate how much do cloud engineers earn exactly? These figures vary on the basis of skills, firms, and experience of the cloud engineer.

Average Annual Salary of Cloud Engineers

ZipRecruiter estimates the average annual salary of cloud engineers currently to be $129,363 per year with $173,500 being the highest possible annual pay to $69,000 being the lowest pay per year. This is estimated as the average salary of a cloud engineer per year. This estimation could vary according to the rise and fall in the demand and the consecutive supply.

Cloud adoption and its effect on salaries

For instance in 2018 according to Gartner, theaverage salary of a cloud engineer annually was estimated to be $146,350. Twoyears earlier the same estimation of salary was $124,200 per year.

Forbes listed the job of a cloud engineer inits list of top fifteen high paying jobs in tech.

The job demand for a cloud engineer remains tobe considerably high. According to Glassdoor, there are around 8,215 jobs inthe US alone per month for cloud engineers.

It has also been estimated that these figures and conditions would only rise. Forbes predicts that there would be a high dependence upon cloud by 2020. To be precise, 83% of any organization’s workload would migrate to the cloud. Of this 41% would be working on public platforms like that of AWS, Azure or Google Cloud Platform. This only predicts a rise in the job and its demand leading to a greater salary. The pay scale can be predicted by determining the rise in increments of the average salaries of cloud engineers within a short period of two years.

Cloud Engineer Salary on the basis of distinct Job titles

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The cloud profile of Solution Architect, SysOps Engineer and Cloud Developer can have a varied demand and pay scale in the market from that of the average cloud engineer. Solutions Architect, SysOps Engineer, Cloud Developer are cloud engineers with a validated certification from the top cloud vendors. The certification is not a necessity for the job profile of a cloud engineer. However, it validates specific knowledge in the cloud aspects in which the cloud engineer acquires the certification. It creates a difference in expertise and workload of the cloud engineer which simultaneously leads to a difference in salaries according to the specified role of the cloud engineer. For instance, the average salaries of Solution Architect, DevOps Engineer, and SysOps Engineer are $123,140, $133,378 and $108,047 respectively.

Salaries offered by Major recruiters

The salary of a cloud engineer is not solelydependent on her workload. It is also subject to the organization that hashired the cloud engineer. The average salaries offered by the major cloudcompanies have been $160,996 per year by VMWare, $135,000 per year by Amazon,$134,793 per year by Cisco, $127,329 per year by Accenture Cloud Engineer and$114,986 per year by Microsoft Cloud Engineer.

While this is the situation of the topcompanies there are various other firms that are looking for cloud engineersand are ready to pay a generous salary for the same.

Where a company is situated, headed and hiring may also differ the salary that it may offer for the same skill set. For instance the IT hubs within India such as Bangalore, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu have a considerable difference in the salaries they offer in comparison to other cities.

Salaries based on Experience

Greater experience in any field is valued. Forcloud engineers as well experience becomes a factor that can affect theirsalary drastically. For instance Amazon offers ?1,241K to its cloud engineerswith 0-3 years of experience. It offers ?17,44,817-?19,00,369 to cloudengineers with experience of 4-6 years.

Considering these factors a particular cloud engineer’s experience or organization or workload, in general, can increase their salary majorly. Any combination of these factors can be productive in its subsequent value.

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