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Clubhouse: The New Invite-Only Social App is Replacing Instagram, Zoom, and Spotify!

Posted by: lisa2020, lisa2020 2021-10-18 Comments Off on Clubhouse: The New Invite-Only Social App is Replacing Instagram, Zoom, and Spotify!

Forget listening to the podcast, and directly call the podcast!

Well, that’s the idea of a powerful Clubhouse app. While people are desperate to be invited to the Clubhouse already, Instagram, Zoom, and Spotify apps may feel threatened! Because, this audio-only app is filled with actors, talent shows, and insightful panel discussions, much like a chat room. It changes the way people socialize on social media long after COVID-19! It is bringing back the feel of parties and events.

The more acknowledgeable fact is, the app is still in private beta, yet the buzz is already worth millions! So without a delay, let’s understand what is exactly clubhouse and why it is so popular, so soon.

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What is Clubhouse App?

The clubhouse is an audio-based social media app. It is a new invite-only social chat app become so popular quickly. It’s also called a drop-in audio chat app. It enables individuals to tell stories, chat in real-time, share ideas, and use their voices to interact. You may opt to listen or join in with the discussions. Just step into a room and begin listening. You can also randomly host your own space and people turn up magically and the interactions may last for hours.

Imagine a dinner party or clubhouse – where you hop in and out of multiple conversations, like a free-flowing podcast, on different topics. You may also ‘raise your hand’ to encourage the speakers to participate. In essence, it simplifies social media using voice, without the need for other additional devices.

Who Has Created Clubhouse, the Drop-in Audio Chat App?

The app where you see “rooms” full of people exploring multiple conversations is founded by Silicon Valley businessman Paul Davison and former Google employee Rohan Seth in April 2020.

It has immediately received $12M in funding in May 2020 from US venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz and has continued to skyrocket in late December 2020 as it is valued at $100M.

Started with 40 influencers as users, the app reached another milestone as having 600,000 registered users as of December 2020.

However, the audio-based chat start-up does not have a running website right now as it has not been publicly released, but people are desperately waiting for an invitation that will mark the future of social networks to use this app.

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Who Uses the Clubhouse Social App?

The clubhouse invite chain is filled with celebrities.

Whether it’s Kevin Hart, an American comedian, sharing his thoughts on the app…

All have hosted the chat rooms on the application recently. You could also hear folks like Oprah Winfrey, Drake, Jared Leto, Chris Rock, Van Jones, or Ashton Kutcher buzzing about the app here and there. That’s the part of Clubhouse’s charm in certain respects even with private beta. You get the opportunity to have unvarnished conversations with prominent and influential personalities and even partake in them.

Other than celebrities, the app concentrates on iPhone users who it considers to be an exclusive clientele. Following its arrival in 2020, it became a status symbol of sorts for Silicon Valley types.

Apparently, the entire invite-only thing was taken very seriously. Hence, it’s rising now.