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MINGHE Factory is one of the most leading metal machining service providers in China. Apart from steel, titanium, and copper, we are also well-known for providing quality brass CNC machining services in china.

Pinjin Brass CNC Manufacturing Capabilities

Different sorts of CNC machining strategies are implemented at Minghe factory to deliver ultimate quality brass parts as well as parts. Here are a few techniques that we use:

  • Precision Machining– Our 3000 sq. ft. machine shop is fully equipped with all the sophisticated machinery and devices, which aids us supply top quality brass parts. Our substantial range of machinery includes tool grinders, developing equipments, CNC turrets, upright mills, device setters, and also numerous others. These devices allow us to supply you several accuracy brass machining services, that include knurling, reaming, drilling, turning, equipment hobbing, touching, and also much more. In addition to these, centerless grinding, warm treating, anodizing, plating, as well as welding are some secondary solutions that we can provide.
  • Cord EDM– This is primarily an electric discharge machining (EDM) technique that we carry out in our facility to produce a large range of brass components. In this technique, the product is gotten rid of from the metal surface with the help of an electric spark. Thus, this method is additionally described as stimulate EDM. We have the capacity to provide cord EDM reducing resistances approximately +/ -.0001. Numerous applications, such as mold machining, tiny hole boring, prototype, as well as metal disintegration machining can utilize this method. Wire sizes of 0.006 ʺ, 0.010 ʺ, as well as 0.012 ʺ can be supplied by us.
  • CNC Switching & Milling– This is an additional brass CNC machining technique that we use. This technique enables us to produce brass parts of size 64″. Resistances of ±.0002″ can be attained by us. For producing top quality brass elements, a maker needs to have a well-appointed center. Our fully-equipped machine shop consists of a CNC turning centers, tool room lathes, CNC mills, vertical mills, horizontal mills, and also several various other kinds of devices. This enables us to provide you solutions such as monotonous, dealing with, threading, reaming, knurling, as well as more.

Brass Parts Grades We Collaborate With

We function on a regular basis machine parts, which are created from the complying with brass qualities.

– Brass C35300: Brass CDA 353 alloy is fit for numerous moving parts that experience friction. It is also ideal for parts with threading and also knurling. In other words, Brass C35300 is an alloy, which is well-suited for components, which calls for rust as well as put on resistance, in addition to strength. As the majority of brass qualities, this alloy supplies exceptional machinability.

– Brass C36000: This brass grade has excellent machinability amongst all copper alloys. Additionally, this alloy is used for producing parts that demand weight, stamina, and a refined surface coating. Brass C36000 parts are perfect for digital and also commercial applications, in addition to a detailed range of various other applications.

Components & Components Made by CNC Machining

A wide range of components and also parts can be produced by the brass CNC machining method. Below is a listing of one of the most usual components as well as parts:

  • Brass Gears
  • Pipe Fittings
  • Worm Gears
  • Swivel Installations
  • Compression Orifice
  • Bearings
  • Flare Fittings

Are you already thinking of availing CNC machining brass service? We can be a good services. We are a team of skilled professionals, who have a huge experience in providing quality brass CNC machining services. To know more about our services, please get in touch with our experts today. You can reach out to us both, via phone, as well as email. Give us a call on +86 15118255600, or simply mail us your requirements at [email protected].

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