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Pinjin factory is a leading service provider of copper CNC machining. With a vast industry experience and a large facility, we have the capability to meet your complex copper part CNC machining requirements. Since, our inception, we have served a huge variety of industries, including medical, military, marine, aerospace, and much more.

CNC Machining Copper at Pinjin factory

In the copper CNC machine service, the components are custom designed with the help of solid copper bars, copper blanks, and cold headed blanks. Compared to the other metals, it is harder to machine copper. Thus, you are required to possess all the necessary process knowledge about manufacturing. However, most copper alloys offer excellent machinability, which makes them a popular choice for intricate custom copper parts. Hence, these alloys are preferred over pure copper. In the same way, it is very important to have proper knowledge, as well as expertise in order to machine copper on 5 axis equipment. You’ll get a complete CNC machining for copper done by experienced staff at Pinjin.

Processing Capabilities

Metal machining is done at our facility by implementing various machining capabilities. The following are a couple of capabilities that we have:

  • Wire EDM – This is also referred to as electrical discharge machining, or spark EDM. In this, we can deliver wire diameters ranging from 0.006″ to 0.012″. We have the capability to provide 4 axis Wire EDM cutting for copper to deliver high-quality products. With this technique, it becomes possible to cut metals without the application of heat.
  • CNC Milling & Turning – We have a well-equipped machine shop, which has an advanced machinery for CNC milling service. Some of the advanced machinery that we have include vertical mill, CNC turning center, horizontal mill, CNC lathe, and much more. With the help of this equipment, we are able to perform a variety of milling and turning operations for copper, which include drilling, knurling, reaming, boring, face milling, hard milling, peripheral milling, and tapered milling. Besides all this, this service is compliant to Mil-Spec, ANSI, ASME, RoHS, and ISO standards.

Copper & Copper Alloys Machining With

Following are the different copper alloys that we work with:

  1. Brass machining – These alloys of copper are most widely used in a variety of applications. When zinc is added to along with other elements, it helps increase the corrosion resistance, strength, ductility, hardness, and conductivity.
  2. Bronzes – These alloys are made from copper and tin. Phosphorous is added to these alloys to deoxidize them. This produces phosphor bronze alloys. Gears and bearings use these alloys because of their strength and hardness.
  3. Nickel-Silvers – These alloys are made from copper, nickel, and zinc. These are almost similar to the brasses in several aspects. However, nickel-silvers offer more resistance to corrosion compared to brasses.
  4. Copper-Nickel Alloys – The copper-nickel alloys are known for their excellent ductility and resistance to corrosion. These alloys are most widely used in severe marine environments.

Are you already thinking of availing copper CNC machining service? We can be a good services. We are a team of skilled professionals, who have a huge experience in providing quality copper CNC machining services. To know more about our services, please get in touch with our experts today. You can reach out to us both, via phone, as well as email. Give us a call on +86 15118255600, or simply mail us your requirements at [email protected].

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