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If you need Die Casting Service & Cnc Machining for Mold Manufacturing or parts production, please feel free to get a quote online.

No matter you are looking for affordable custom die casting services,cnc machining services or other casting service, we are capable to provide rapid manufacturing for medical, electronics, automotive, agriculture, food, machine tool, aerospace, and more industries with vertical, horizontal, 500T,800T and 1600 T die casting machines. Materials can be processed aluminum,zinc,brass, copper, bronze, magnesium,steel and other alloy casting material.Our customer service representative is a vital component of our pledge to provide quality products and service. Well-oriented with Pinjin CNC Machining China Company, Our Sales is always available to take your calls, assess your problem, and then promptly direct you to the appropriate member of our staff. Our Sales is ready to assist you with any questions or concerns regarding your business with Pinjin.


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