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How to pass Life in the UK Test

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Moving to UK and settling a life out there has been the dreams of many. People strive hard to achieve their ultimate dream to get citizenship in UK but only few of them make it. Life in the UK test is what will help you get there. This is an exclusive official government service for booking the Life in the UK Test. You are required to appear for the test as part of your application for British citizenship or settlement in the UK. Let now get further insight about life in the UK Test, prerequisites to take the test, exam details in addition to the tips and tricks to pass the test.

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About Life in the UK Test

Getting a British citizenship is not a cakewalk. An applicant should possess all the traits which make the applicant a perfect fit in for the country. You have to put every ounce of your hard work and determination in order to fix a permanent seat in UK. Anyone who wishes to make a life UK has to have knowledge of the English language and of life in the United Kingdom. They can either take a special ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) course, or they can go for the Life in the UK test.

The test is a compendium of facts about UK including its local customs and traditions, history of the United Kingdom and the laws and political systems that govern the country.

Exam Details

Life in the UK test comprises of 24 questions which are multiple choice. Questions are chosen at random by computer. You will be given 45 minutes to complete the test and score at least 75% to get through the exam. Fees for Life in the UK test is ?50.

Exam Name Life in the UK
Exam Cost ?50
Total Questions 24 questions
Passing Score 75
Exam Duration 45 Minutes

Eligibility Requirements

In order to take Life in the UK test you must qualify for the following requirements –

  • Applicantmust follow the minimal requirements to be eligible for the test.
  • Visaholders other than a tourist visa can apply for the exam.
  • If youare living in the UK for a period of five years you can apply for the exam.
  • If youare born in UK but it depends on the applicant’s parent’s circumstances.

What are exemptions to take Life in the UK Test?

There are very few exemptions which Life in the UK test offer. People who are under 18 years in age or over 65 years are exempted. However, there is no exemptions provided for long residence and also if you are having a certain level of qualification or have invested money in the UK. Some of the exemptions include,

  • Person suffering from a prolonged or permanent mental or physical condition .
  • Any long-term illness which restricts a person’s mobility to take language course.
  • Any mental impairment which restricts the person to learn any other language.

Where can I take life in the UK test?

You must use the official booking website to book the test for Life in the UK. There are nearly 60 test centres in the UK out of which you can choose any five closest to where you reside. But if the centre is not close to your preferred place then you will not be allowed to sit for the exam and no refund will be given to you. Therefore, it is important on the part of applicant to make sure that there is an availability of the centre in and around the applicant’s geographical area. You’ll be given a choice of testing centres at the time you book the exam. You must book your test 3 days prior to the exam.

How to book the test?

Booking of the exam is extremely simple. First you need to book yourself for the exam via online form such that you will need the following details while booking the test –

  • Email address: You have to give details about your email id to register for the life in the UK exam. If you don’t have any then you should make one. E-mail address is a must while booking the exam and you just cannot ignore it.
  • Debit/credit card: The applicant is deemed to have physical presence of his/her card credentials. If the card is not there then s/he should have either a picture of it or should memorize the credentials.
  • An accepted form of ID: An applicant must be the original holder of his/her ID. Different people carry different ID’s so Life in the UK test has allowed few documents to be used in substitute of other. It should include any of the following documents –
  1. Valid travel document with a photo: The applicant must have a valid travel identity along with the photograph. The photograph should be clear and visible. Such that the applicant is not allowed to use an emergency travel document under any circumstance.
  2. Biometric residence permit: UK introduced biometric residence permit for immigrant categories. Applicant applying for the exam will need to obtain biometric residence permit. Basically biometric includes a digital photo of your face, your scanned fingers and your signature. 
  3. Biometric residence card: The life in UK exam will ask for and obtain the applicant’s biometric residence card. Applicant can use biometric residence card (BRC) to book the form. Biometric residence card is a residence permit which holds the biographic details of the migrant’s including name, place and date of birth.

Special Circumstances (Disability)

Life in the UK exam offers special assistance to the people with disability. Person with disability can ask for some extra equipment or help from the centre s/he may have chosen for the exam. However, the exam centre needs proper validation regarding the same issue then only the centre will offer the special assistance at the time of exam.

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Common mistakes and Issues while booking Life in the UK Test

  • Wrong birth place – There is a slight chance that you might specify your incorrect birth place. Is it possible? Yes it is possible. It has been observed that people generally make this mistake which often leaves them in trouble.
  • First Name and Last name are wrong way around – This is the most common mistake which applicants make. The booking service first asks for your Last name and the then for your First name. Try not to mix up your first and last names or you may end up losing your golden ticket to UK.
  • Give priority to passport number – In case you have both, the identity number and the Password number, try to enter your Password number instead of Identity number when booking the test.

The aforesaid things are the most common issues which have been observed over the years. If you don’t want to jeopardize your dream over such petty issues, you have to make sure that you avoid the issues and book the form correctly.

What will happen if you qualify the test?

You should score at least 75% or more to qualify the test. You’ll receive a pass notification letter once you clear the exam. You need to send the pass letter original with your citizenship or settlement application to prove you passed.

*if in case you lost your original letter immediately contact the Home Office. They will not provide you a new or a duplicate one but will surely direct you what to do and what can be done in such case.

If youfail the test

If for some reason orother you failed the Life in the UK test, you don’t have to panic and worry.There are things which can be done to redeem and reappear for the exam. You cantry this test as long as you have a stay in UK. The test will not be void inthis circumstance.

How many times can I go for exam retake?

You can appear for theexam as many times you want. You can do this until you clear the exam. If you arestill interested, try again. The only thing exam asks for is determination and money.As long as you have both to invest on it, there is nothing to halt you. Youhave to pay 50 pounds each time you appear for the test. Remember you have towait for the next seven days from your previous exam to apply or reappear.

How to retry Life in the UK test?

A smart move is the one where you learn from your past mistakes.Hence it is better to remember the things that results into failure at yourfirst attempt. This will help you creating a list of DO’S and DONT’S to improveyour chances of passing the exam the second time. There are two possible reasons for this –

Reason 1: Your level of English is below Entry Level 1 – If you think that the reason behind your failure is average English then you should not feel shy to attend ESOL classes along with British Citizenship classes. This will help you improving your English so that you can study hard and comprehend in a much better way.

Reason 2: Your level of preparation was not up to the mark – Apparently this means your score was less than 75% in your first attempt. In that case you should give attention to the points stated below in order to improve your chances for the second time.

  • Check your notification letter – You must keep your notification letter with you as it is the most valuable resource for Life in the UK Test. Do not overlook your notification letter. It guides you where you went wrong and provides a chance of improvement, if any. Additionally, you must create a note of your wrong answers and find out if there are any weak areas in it or not.
  • Mug up the handbook – Post your first attempt, you must have got clarity that all the questions in the exam were given form the handbook only – Life in the UK (3rd edition): A Guide for new residents. In short, start mugging it up now. As stated earlier create a note of your wrong answers as per the notification letter and make sure you know the right answers this time.
  • Try Practice test – Every applicant must practice the online test thoroughly before taking Life in the UK test. Your practice results helps to highlight your mistakes and monitor your score instantly.

Life in the UK Test – Course Outline

It is strongly suggested to start your preparation keeping in mind the course outline covered in the life in the UK Test. As stated earlier you are suggested to refer 3rd edition life in the UK test “Life in the United Kingdom: A Guide for New Residents”. We will now brief description of the content covered in the Life in the UK Test –

Chapter 1 – Values and Principles of the UK

The first chapter with focus on values and principle of the UK covers the Fundamental principles of British life, Responsibilities and freedoms of all UK residents, Becoming a permanent resident, Taking the Life in the UK test and Testable sections of the book.

Chapter 2 – What is UK?

This chapter gives a brief overview of the different countries that make up the UK with their civilization.

Chapter 3 – A long and illustrious history

The third chapter gives a long illustrious history about UK including history of early Britain, the Medieval period, The Tudor and Stuart monarchs of the UK, the process of establishment of Parliament, unification of the United Kingdom, Enlightenment and Industrial Revolution, Victorian Age and the British Empire, First World War, The Great Depression, The Second World War, Britain since 1945 and the welfare state, Great British inventions and sporting figures as well as the Government since the Second World War

Chapter 4 – A Modern thriving Society

The fourth chapter focuses on imparting information regarding – cities and population of the UK, religious festivals of the UK, popular sports and famous sportsmen and women, development of music, including famous composers, British theatre and cinema through the ages, British artists and architects, Famous British poets and authors, Sections of famous British poems, British comedy and leisure activities and Famous British landmarks.

Chapter 5: The UK government, the law and your role

The fifth chapter will discuss in length the information including – Britain as a constitutional monarchy, How Parliament works, Elections, the government and the opposition, Devolved administrations of the UK
The Commonwealth, EU, UN and NATO, British law and justice, The courts
Fundamental principles and rights, Tax, Driving and Community work.

Why Life in the UK is a tough nut to crack?

Life in the UK is a hurdle which everybody wishes to cross in order to gain permanent residency in the UK. Failure to pass the exam results in the failure to get the Britain citizenship. The test is a basic check to the candidate’s knowledge about the UK and to know whether the person is eligible to blend with the society and rules of the country.

Life in the UK test consists of 24 questions which should and must be finished within 45 minutes time. The test is a computer based exam and the result is given right after the exam. You are supposed to answer at least 18 questions i.e. 75% of the test correctly is mandatory to move to the next level to attain Britain citizenship.

Why people fail in the test?

One of the major factors resulting in the failure to pass Life in the UK test includes lack of preparation and practice. The number of times a person is making an attempt is endless, if the person is not determined enough. It will be a waste of money and time only. Therefore, it is highly advised to prepare better and crack the exam. Failing in the test implies failing to apply for the citizenship in the UK.

How to prepare for Life in the UK Test?

Like every other thing,you need a list of few things in your hand while you make your mind to study. Youneed to follow the right steps which will lead you to your desired result whichis- cracking the Life in the UK Exam.

Step 1 – Organize your study space

Before you start preparing for the exam, it is pivotal to organize your study space. This is the first and most important step while an applicant prepares for the exam. You should have enough space to keep your textbooks and sometimes spread them on the table. Try to get all the distractions out of your sight so that you focus solely on your preparation. Distraction could be subjective. For someone it could be silence whereas, for other background music can really help but with a minimal sound.

Step 2 – Highlight the key pointers

Since Life in the UK exam revolves around the UK- its cultures, values, traditions, etc. Therefore it becomes important to highlight the important details in the syllabus. Creating highlight helps you realize that the topic is important just by looking at it. Therefore, you need to highlight common exam questions as to give a detailed look while studying for the exam.

Step 3 – Perform Practice Tests

Performing practice test can give you an upper hand while you prepare for the exam. Practice test whether online and offline can help the applicant to get a cue about how exam questions can be. It also helps in building the confidence of the applicant. Though there is no access to official questions prior to the exam, you can and you have to depend sheer on these practice papers.

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Step 4 – Organize study group with friends

Organise a group study session with your friends. Your friends may have answers to questions you are looking for and vice versa. This idea of group study can be beneficial in a way since you are challenging yourself to study with your friends under the same roof for a fixed time period.

Step 5 – Take Frequent Breaks

You must take out time to pamper yourself and not just hunch over books like a bookworm. Do not feel guilty for taking breaks. So in order to manage time, it is important to build a schedule to balance preparation with leisure.

Step 6 –  Books andPeriodicals

Life in the UK test is a hard nut to crack. You are deemed to keep knowledge of every little thing about UK. Applicant can refer a bunch of books which can be beneficial for the applicant at the time of the actual exam. Some of the books which are helpful for life in the UK exam are –

  • Life in the United Kingdom: A Guide for New Residents, 3rd Edition handbook.

Exam Day

Exam Centre

Build a two-hour slot for the exam. Try to reach the centre 15 minutes early to be on the safer side. The identity check will take 15 minutes and you will be given 45 minutes to complete the test. The result of the exam will take 5 minutes and you can leave the centre right after you have your result (pass or fail) with you.

Identity Checks

This is a non negotiable standard procedure. You are required to show your identification at the centre, the same identity which you used to book the test.

Can I bring visitor

Not all the centres allow visitors or guest. So it will be better if you go alone and give your exam. However, you can bring some guests with you to the British citizen ceremony.

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