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Kek Entertainment Raises $3M to Create a Breakthrough Multiplayer Game

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Kek Entertainment raises $3M for multiplayer mobile games. This amount has been raised from the pre-seed funding round by The Games Fund and Play Ventures. In July 2021, The Games Fund invested in four Eastern European Game Makers.

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The Games Fund and Play Ventures have now raised funds for Kek Entertainment, which will be utilized to further the company’s development. The founders stated that both of these investors are a perfect match for Kek Entertainment.

Furthermore, they revealed that these investors understand games from a developer’s perspective, which would be helpful for the new company.

About Kek Entertainment

Former executives from MY.GAMES and Pixonic founded Kek Entertainment in September 2021. Georgy Egorov is operating as the CEO of Kek Entertainment, while Oleg Poroshin has the role of a chief operating officer.

Before Egorov and Poroshing established Kek Entertainment, both of them had had those same job positions in Pixonic since 2019. According to Kek Entertainment, both Kek Entertainment’s founders have contributed to the growth of Pixonic’s flagship game, War Robots.

Play Ventures founding partner Harri Manninen stated that they were impressed with Kek Entertainment’s founders from the beginning. Their experience with Pixonic and the success with Pixonic’s game solidified their decision to invest in Kek Entertainment.

Moreover, Manninen said that Kek Entertainment’s innovative ideas impressed the Play Ventures’ team. They stated that Play Ventures was thrilled to support Kek in their further development.

Kek Entertainment stated that the revenue for War Robots had increased by 200%, while Kek Entertainment’s founders led it. According to GameRefinery, War Robots generated $32 million in revenue in 2019 and received more than 2.9 million downloads on iOS.

Egorov said that both of them, the founders, had a lot of fun working at Pixonic. Furthermore, he stated that they had achieved tremendous success there. Egorov noted that they were very thankful to their teams, both at Pixonic and MY.GAMES for the support and experience they had provided.

Kek Entertainment’s Future Plans

According to the founders, they are now ready to launch Kek Entertainment, their own company. Their focus is currently on, as they say, the most exciting and fastest-growing entertainment niche, the competitive multiplayer games.

Kek Entertainment’s future plans include building a dream team. The studio is currently in the process of hiring staff. Furthermore, their dream is to create a breakthrough game that would conquer the market. The plan to develop such a game, they explain, consists of utilizing all of their previous experience and insights.

Furthermore, by teaming up with The Games Fund and Play Ventures, who are, as stated, founder-friendly investors, the breakthrough game won’t just be a dream but rather a plan.

Their first game, the founders shared, would be a competitive mobile action game featuring deep tactical elements.