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Preparation Guide for AI-100- Designing And Implementing an Azure AI Solution

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When talking about the present day scenario, Artificial intelligence (AI) is the hottest buzzwords in the IT world. In the last few years, we have definitely seen numerous techniques that are transforming the world around us. In other words, all the realm of science fiction is slowly transforming into reality. 

Many experts view Artificial Intelligence as a factor of production, that has resulted in rapid growth as well as change the way work is done across industries. Acknowledging this growing adoption and demand for AI, certainly, things are going to change for humans in the future. 

Due to this, the market is cluttered with various AI certifications. And, that’s the core reason that you can easily find many preparatory guides to qualify the AI-100 Exam. Since Microsoft Azure is listed as one of the top vendors for AI-related services.

In the same vein, candidates can easily expect promising career benefits in the future with profound expertise in AI as many related careers are emerging.

Therefore, in this article, we’re going to go through each and every detail regarding the AI-100 Exam. And, obviously, the preparatory guide to help you qualify in the very first attempt. But, before we dig into exam details, let’s take a moment and understand Artificial Intelligence. 

What is AI?

Artificial Intelligence is a process of constructing a computer, a computer-controlled robot, or software that thinks exactly like a human mind. AI is performed by analysing the patterns of the human brain and by investigating the cognitive process.

Benefits of AI Certification

One must be very sure of the career path that he/she is going to walk through. And, so must you. Therefore, in this section, we’re listing out all the Benefits of AI Certification.

Demand for Certified AI Professionals will Continue to Grow

In the near future, many companies will be using Artificial Intelligence to make decisions. AI will help provide customized solutions and guidance to employees in real-time. Thereby, an increase in demand for professionals with skills. 

New and Unconventional Career Paths

According to many surveys, AI is presumed to generate 2.3 million jobs by the year2020. And, as you can see it has opened so many opportunities for candidates. Since AI needed in the workforce, hence commencing many new job opportunities. 

Improve Your Earning Potential

Many big names of the tech world are investing in hiring professionals with AI expertise. Not to mention, the Artificial Intelligence Engineer on an average easily earns USD 135,000 per year. Now, you see, this certification is a step in the right direction to improve your earning potential and mature more marketable.

Exam Overview: AI-100 Exam

To begin with, the AI-100 exam is an associate-level certification. By clearing the AI-100 examination, you’ll be able to attain the tag of a Microsoft Certified Azure AI Engineer Associate. As a result, the AI-100 exam is an ideal tool for evaluating the capabilities of candidates to fulfil the role of Azure AI engineer.

This exam evaluates the candidate’s ability to accomplish the following technical tasks- 

  • First thing first, the candidate must be able to analyze the prerequisite for AI solutions.
  • Secondly, he/she should command the appropriate tools and technologies.
  • Subsequently, a candidate must also know how to implements solutions that meet scalability and performance requirements.
  •  Last but not least, the candidate must be able to implement AI solutions that utilize Cognitive Services.

After qualifying the AI-100 examination, candidates are able to incorporate the vision from solution architects. And, further, operate with data scientists, data engineers, IoT specialists, and AI developers to construct complete end-to-end solutions. 

Exam Details: AI-100 Exam

Now that you have a clear idea that for you to become an Azure AI Engineer Associate, then you must qualify this examination. Your ultimate gateway is Exam AI-100 Designing and implementing an Azure data solution. So, let’s move on to the next most essential aspect of the certification i.e. exam details. Since this is the most important step in your preparation. So, without a further due, let’s begin.

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Basic Details

The exam comprises of almost 62 questions that must be completed within 220 minutes. Speaking of the exam pattern, here is a list of few types of questions you may encounter-

  • Scenario-based single answer question
  • Multiple-choice questions
  • Arrange in the correct sequence type questions
  • Drag & drop questions
  • One case study with 5 questions

The exam is available in only four languages. Further, these include- English, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), Korean. So, make sure that you’re well versed with at least one of the languages mentioned above. As far as the registration fee is concerned it’s USD 165 without taxes. 

Also, check out the box below.

Course Outline

The course outline forms the most significant aspect of the examination. Since the course outline is going to make you understand the exam objective on a deeper level. Therefore, one must review the course outline so that he/she has a clear idea about all the topics to be well versed with. 

Analyze solution requirements (25-30%)

  • First of all, recommending Cognitive Services APIs to meet business requirements
  • Secondly, mapping security requirements to tools, technologies, and processes
  • Subsequently, selecting the software, services, and storage required to support a solution

Design AI solutions (40-45%)

  • First of all, designing solutions that include one or more pipelines
  • Secondly, designing solutions that use Cognitive Services
  • After this, designing solutions that implement the Bot Framework
  • Also, designing the compute infrastructure to support a solution
  • Lastly, designing for data governance, compliance, integrity, and security 

Implement and monitor AI solutions (25-30%)

  • Firstly, implementing an AI workflow 
  • Subsequently, integrating AI services with solution components
  • Not to mention, monitoring and evaluating the AI environment

And, we’re done with the course outline too. The only step left is to gather all the learning resources to prepare for the AI-100 exam. So, we have curated a preparatory guide for you so that you qualify examination in the very first go. 

Preparatory Guide for AI-100 Exam

There is no doubt that the moment we start preparing for any examination, we’re stuck between the two important questions. These include- which topic is the most important one and where to get all the reliable information. So, our main goal is to provide with such learning resources that you’re certified in the very first attempt. And, we promise you that if you work according to the given preparatory guide. Then, you becoming certified is certain. 

Review All Exam Objectives

The moment you begin your preparation for the AI-100 exam, the first thing one must do is to visit the Microsoft official Website. In addition, make sure to review all the exam objectives. Reviewing all the exam objectives will help you configure more about the examination and will definitely make you confident. Since this step constitutes the whole foundation of the exam preparation. So, remember to go through with the most trusted the website first and then move on to other learning resources.

Download the Official Study Guide

Your next step in the preparatory guide is to go through the official Study Guide for AI-100 exam. You can download the official study guide from the Microsoft official website. The exam AI-100 study guide is the perfect tool to grasp the exam details beforehand. After all, it is always safer to acknowledge your adversary before facing them on the battlefield, isn’t it? Not only will this provide you to schedule the exam in a productive manner but also, let you focus on the most important aspects. 

Try Microsoft Training

Indeed, certification is incomplete without training. Even the AI-100 certification preparatory guide highlights the importance of the two official ways to obtain training for the AI-100 exam. To enrol in the training course, Microsoft offers two types of training courses. On one hand, you have free online training and on the other, paid instructor-led training. So, make your decision wisely. 

Read a Book Mate

Books are always a good learning resource to gain knowledge. Moreover, Microsoft has their own press store. So, never try to limit your knowledge. Therefore, we suggest going through the following books-

  • The Future of Leadership: Rise of Automation, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence by Brigette Tasha Hyacinth
  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence by Wolfgang Ertel and  Nathanael T. Black
  • The Future of Business: An Introduction to Artificial Intelligence by David Vandegrift.

Join the Community

Online forums and study groups are a great way to prepare for the AI-100 exam. Therefore, feel free to get in touch with other candidates through study forums or online groups to ask question-related to the topic you’re having difficulty with.

However, it’s not something you have to join. It’s just something very subjective. Not to mention, these online groups help you stay equated with the other people who are also walking through the same path as yours. Moreover, you can also ask a question related to the topic you’re having difficulty with.

Practice Tests

And, finally, it’s time for practice sessions. Take it from us, Self Evaluation is the only step you need in the end. The more you’re going to practice, it’s better for you.

Not only does it helps you understand the areas where you lack but also, ensure you’re strengthening your skills as well. So, go through as many practice tests as much you can. FOR MORE PRACTICE TEST, CLICK HERE!

Expert’s Corner

In the end, we would highly suggest going through the preparatory guide mentioned above. After all, you must rely on the authentic resources. As it’s your certification we’re talking about, so make sure to study and join only reliable sources. 

Further, we would also like to mention that don’t underestimate the power of Artificial Intelligence as it’s the coming future. And, without a doubt, the future is definitely bright for Artificial Intelligence. So, if you’re really serious about a career in the AI world, make sure to be well well versed with the exam objectives and gain expertise in the same.  

A great career is just a certification away. So, practice and validate your skills to become a Certified Azure AI, Engineer Associate!

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