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Cnc Machining Customer Testimonials

We have received awesome customer testimonials, feedback and suggestions. Here’s the compilation of some of the best testimonials we’ve received:

  • Mr. Li, HUAWEI Purchasing Manager
    MINGHE is a great local machine shop. They have a wide range of capabilities from milling, turning, EDM, assembly, and more. They are well suited for just about any project including high-volume jobs because of their production cell. Great group to work with all around! Talk to David or Chloe.
  • PCM– Ximeo Mechanical Contractors
    We’ve been working with MINGHE over the last couple months on a fast paced project. They’ve been very responsive and timely in their deliveries, despite short notice. Their facility is well organized and structured, and they have a lot of capacity for high volume type orders. Everyone we’ve dealt with, from design to machining, or even billing, has been spot on with their customer service and desire to get our projects completed. In addition, you’ll get an in-depth understanding of what it will take to produce a design, eliminating surprises and any lack of knowledge about the process which may exist. They’ve also provided helpful input to improve the accuracy of the design, and lead times by going over changes which would improve the machining times. Last, they’re very price competitive and have even been cheaper than many shops of similar capacity in the area.
  • Epsilor– Engineer for a Large Chip maker
    MINGHE is a great company to work with. We use them anytime we have machining needs for prototypes we are working on, they are always very responsive and extremely helpful. They offer insights into ways to refine the design and they are always extremely quick and reasonably priced. Would highly recommend them, they are the only machine shop we use anymore,I am very satisfied with the progress of the chip thimble project being processed.
  • MARS – Israel the C.S.Lewis
    Great company! Their State of the art machinery, quality craftsmanship, and attention to detail, really helped take my project to the next level. I was really impressed by the MINGHE team, everyone was very knowledgeable and easy to work with.
  • CORNING – Electronic product frame Solutions
    The staff is very helpful fine tuning ideas. The workmanship is flawless. I was very pleased with their services!
  • Kuang ju – Toolings GB and Machine
    We’ve used MINGHE sporadically over the course of 10 years and have never had major issue with them. They’re always timely and responsive. The one time when we did have a small problem they made good on their promise and remade all the parts. They’re a great supplier to Toolings GB.

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