In the entire machinery industry, the proportion of shaft parts is quite large, which indicates that it is widely used. However, the conventional processing method is to use a conventional lathe. However, with the continuous development of science and technology, CNC lathes have higher processing accuracy. The efficient production of shaft parts and the processing of certain complex shapes have been widely promoted and applied. It can be seen that learning the machining method of CNC lathes is very important.


First, determine the material and clamping method of the workpiece.

Because 45# steel machining is easy to cut, the comprehensive mechanical properties such as strength and toughness are good, and the price is cheap, so the diameter of 50mm×100mm 4#5 steel is selected.

The workpiece is a typical shaft type and is suitable for the above CNC lathe machining. The three-claw self-centering chuck on the CNC lathe is easy to assemble and disassemble, and can be automatically centered without manual correction. Therefore, we choose a three-claw self-centering chuck for CNC lathes.

Second, determine the tool and laser cutting usage

Third, the parts processing route

Reasonable processing routes not only reduce production costs, but also cost-effective, while also ensuring the dimensional accuracy and positional accuracy of the parts, making the process concentrated and time-saving. Therefore, the route is very important in the machining of the workpiece, and reasonable preparation can save time and effort.

Fourth, the preparation of processing procedures

According to the drawing, the tolerance direction of each outer circle is always the same. Therefore, you only need to program according to the actual size of the drawing. When machining, the dimensional accuracy is ensured by adjusting the tool wear. In addition, the following points should be noted when programming:

(1) The dimensional accuracy and surface roughness of the part can be guaranteed.

(2) Minimize the number of blocks to facilitate programming and modification.

(3) Shorten the number of passes and reduce the idle running time of the tool.

The above is cnc machining shaft parts on CNC lathes, which are typical: including outer circle, end face, groove, chamfer, arc, thread, etc., but in the production process, due to different workpiece materials and batch sizes, the tool parameters Appropriate adjustments have been made to achieve better results in terms of cutting speed, tool usage, and feed rate during the machining process.

cnc machining shop
cnc machining shop

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