Pinjin(PTJ) is a china cnc machines workshop dedicated to CNC precision machining, with its core competence (prompt and efficient response, high quality guarantee system, effective cost control capability&ISO90012015 Certification ).

35 Year experience


Dongguan, China.

When we provide the concrete product and processing services, we can also provide more closer customer-oriented technical services, quality control flow and efficient business management ability.
With all these, we are able to bring more added value to our customers, so that our customers can focus on their own business and enhance their customer value.

The tooling room is also the process equipment room, and various tools used in the manufacturing process, such as tools, fixtures, molds, measuring tools, inspection tools, auxiliary tools, bench tools, station tools, etc.In engineering and manufacturing, toolroom activity is everything related to tool-and-die facilities in contrast to production line activity.

Don’t forget the original intention, and always have to go. I have been engaged in the fabrication industry for 40 years. I have been engaged in the research of mechanical engineering. I have deep feelings for the mechanical fabrication industry. I hope to export China’s excellent supply capabilities through the BE-CU platform, so that the world can enjoy it. Parts manufacturing service with good quality, accurate delivery time and excellent price. At the same time, we are also working hard to explore how to promote the progress of the industry, and assume our mission-to make manufacturing smarter with technology and innovation!

Leonard Chou

Be-cu.com And Pinjin Founder


We own CNC Machining center equipments, including imported and domestic, and some other ancillary machining equipment as well.We can be engaged in one piece, mass order machining, and also design, manufacture and assembly for all kinds of Clamping fixture.

5-Axis CNC Machining 5-axis machining is commonly used in the aerospace industry to machine body parts,turbine parts,and impellers with free-form surfaces.The 5 axis machine tool can machining different sides of the workpiece without changing the position of the workpiece,which can greatly improve the machining efficiency of the prismatic parts.

850 CNC Milling True 4th-Axis(12 sets)CNC EQUIPMENTMitsubishiMB850800*600*500,40 Taper
770 CNC Engraving(3 sets)CNC EQUIPMENTMitsubishiMB770800*600*500,50 Taper
T5CNC Milling Machine(11 sets)CNC EQUIPMENTMitsubishiNVT51200*800*600,50 Taper
4500 Big CNC Milling(2 sets)CNC EQUIPMENTTaiwan4500H10000*1000*600,50 Taper
2500 Big CNC Milling(5 sets)CNC EQUIPMENTTaiwanNV25005000*800*500
430 CNC Engraving(8 sets)CNC EQUIPMENTMitsubishiFA 430500*300*300,40 Taper
550 CNC Engraving with 4th Axis(4 sets)CNC EQUIPMENTMitsubishiCMX550600*400*300,40 Taper
1166 CNC Milling Machine(4 sets)CNC EQUIPMENTTaiwanVMC116622‘’lx16‘’D‘’,40 Taper
855 CNC Milling Machine(5 sets)CNC EQUIPMENTTaiwanNV855800*600*500,50 Taper
650 CNC Milling Machine(4 sets)CNC EQUIPMENTTaiwanEMC650600*400*300,40 Taper
650 CNC Milling and true 4th-Axis(3 sets)CNC EQUIPMENTTaiwanMB650600*400*300,40 Taper
CNC Turning Machine Center(6 sets)CNC EQUIPMENTHitachi40G- 15‘’Up to 24‘’Swing,43‘’
Length 4 1/ 2‘’Bar Capacity
46 Taiwan CNC Lathe(7 sets) and 46 Switzerland lathe (5 sets)CNC EQUIPMENTSwitzerlandDiameter is 4646’,40 Taper
36 Taiwan CNC Lathe(7 sets) and 20 Japan Lathe(5 sets)CNC EQUIPMENTJapanDiameter is 3636’,40 Taper
25 Automatic lathe(20 sets)CNC EQUIPMENTTaiwanMB2525,40 Taper
Mazak Five-axis CNC lathe(1 set) and Mitsubishi Five-axis CNC lathe(2 sets)CNC EQUIPMENTMazakVF-6/50TR7,500 rpm (47,124 rad.min-1)
 Cnc Turning Lathe46Zexincnc//
 Cnc Turning Lathe46Difen//
Cnc Turning Lathe46Achmick//
Cnc Turning Lathe36Zexincnc//
Auto Lathe1525MYLAS//
 Cnc Turning Lathe20Bysk//
Cnc Turning Lathe15Bysk//
Cnc Turning Lathe20MUCUN//
Cnc Turning Lathe76Siemens//
 Cnc Turning Lathe75Siemens//
5 Axis Longitudinal Lathes265Tsugami//
Swiss Machining Lathe206Tsugami//
4 Axis Turning Lathe////
Instrument lathe////
Type latheDENCH TYPE LATHETaiwan2525
Precision grinderGRINDING MACHINESTaiwanT4(6 sets)1200*800*600
6030 Water grinderGRINDING MACHINESTaiwan6030(2 sets)3000*1000*300
8040 Water grinderGRINDING MACHINESTaiwan8040(2 sets)5000*1500*600
Aluminum die casting machineDIE CASTING MACHINE/20/
Zinc die casting machineDIE CASTING MACHINE/16/
Magnesium die casting machineDIE CASTING MACHINE/4/
Ultrasonic machine////
Electrolysis furnace////
Air compressor////
Automatic spraying line////
Spray cabinet////
ABP 12 ton intermediate frequency furnaceMELTING EQUIPMENTUSA//
Lampe core 65L centerCORE MAKING EQUIPMENTDE//
Injection molding machine86-1200T/120/
Two-Shot injection molding machine140-600T/13/
Baking machine////
Pad printing machine////
Fuel injection production line////
Dehumidifying dryer////
Nitrogen GeneratorMain equipment of sheet metal or stamping///
Stamping machineMain equipment of sheet metal or stamping80-700t//
C1N-60T(2 sets)Main equipment of sheet metal or stampingJapan(The itinerary is 120)/
C1N-S-80T(10 sets)Main equipment of sheet metal or stampingJapan(The itinerary is 150)/
C1N-V-80T(4 sets)Main equipment of sheet metal or stampingJapan(The itinerary is 150)/
C1N-V-110T(1 sets)Main equipment of sheet metal or stampingJapan(The itinerary is 180)/
C1N-160T(1 sets)Main equipment of sheet metal or stampingJapan(The itinerary is 200)/
High-speed punch machineMain equipment of sheet metal or stamping///
Laser cutterMain equipment of sheet metal or stamping///
Cnc bending machineMain equipment of sheet metal or stamping///
Nail machineMain equipment of sheet metal or stamping///
Drill pressMain equipment of sheet metal or stamping///
Hydraulic PressMain equipment of sheet metal or stamping///
Etching machineMain equipment of sheet metal or stamping///
AC welding machineMain equipment of sheet metal or stamping///
Blanking MachineMain equipment of metal forging///

Intermediate Frequency Furnace
Main equipment of metal forging///

Metal Forging Machine
Main equipment of metal forging4000-800-650-400t//
Punching MachineMain equipment of metal forging///
High Temperature FurnaceMain equipment of metal forging///
Vibrating PotMain equipment of metal forging///
Mirror spark machine/400-500mm//
Slow wire cutting/450-600mm//

Our cnc machining&cutting services have been refined to an exact science that allows us to customcut almost any material,including:

  • Machining aluminum&its alloy(6061,6063,7075,etc)
  • Other metal machining material:stainless/copper/brass/titanium/magnesium
  • Hardness plastic material:uhmw/acetal/delrin/teflon etc

Are you already thinking of availing Cheap workshop and china precision cnc machine services? We can be a good services. We are a team of skilled professionals, who have a huge experience in providing quality metal&plastic CNC machining services. To know more about our services, please get in touch with our experts today. You can reach out to us both, via phone, as well as email. Give us a call on +86 15118255600, or simply mail us your requirements at [email protected].