Case studies for Die cast aluminium iphone6

Die-cast aluminium alloy parts

Aluminium die-cast aluminium alloy parts cannot make the consistency of the iPhone 6 by anodizing.The process of making Ip6 aluminium metal fuselage is usually briefly described as follows:

Aluminium extrusion – CNC empty – To treatment – Nano injection molding – grinding – sandblasting – anodic oxidation – CNC bright edge. The main reason why die-casting aluminium empty is cheap is that the processing time of CNC machining services after aluminium extrusion is usually saved.

Yet there is a big defect in die-casting aluminium: it is easy to create pore and impurity. In CNC process, the defect becomes apparent when it fulfills the position of air hole, and there will be “small pits” around the surface, commonly known as sand holes; after anodic oxidation, because of the influence of impurity silicon, the surface will certainly produce black spots and black lines; because the density of die-casting aluminum is usually not as large as that of aluminium extrusion, after anodic oxidation, the top grain design will be more apparent.

So the surface effect of die-casting aluminium created by conventional process is very poor.
Can you do it? It can also be done.

Improved measures

Mould and cnc machining wear out holes must be improved to minimize the amount of internal bubbles; polishing and polishing before sand blasting provides little effect, but there are some effects; spraying coarse sand, such as cup sand, to protect the sand holes; selecting aluminium material without silicon to avoid black spots; deep anodic oxidation color, such as black, masking defects; making small physical appearance parts. In order to improve the yield.

Minghe’s advantages in zinc alloy die castings

• Over 10-year experience in die casting and total solution process makes us in the leading position on motivation, innovation and customer satisfaction.
• We got the certification of ISO-9002 in 2007, QS-9000 in 2011, and TS16949 in2016.
• The yield rate of our aluminum products and magnesium products is 90% and 60-70% respectively.
• Through utilizing CAD/CAE/CAS analysis, structural parts can be produced with thickness of 0.8 ~ 1.0mm and external parts with thickness of 1.0 ~ 1.2mm.
• To save the material cost, the magnesium scrap is recycled via our high efficiency device on site.
• Our tenet is to complete T1 in 45~50 days in order to ensure our customer to penetrate the market in time.
• MINGHE prides itself on the superb R&D capabilities, world-class service and leading processes in the industry.

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