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A difficult one, P Plus support. Since the emergence of the new coronavirus-contaminated pneumonia epidemic, all CNC machining center companies are easy to do, watch and help each other. They are safe, efficient, and superstitious.

These CNC machining center companies are scattered in the electric power, machinery, light industry, textile, coal, steel, building materials, petrochemical, trade, logistics and other industries, covering most of the scope of China’s industry and trade and comprehensive economic services. The civil economy construction and the operation of the socialist market economy have a tense position and influence. Immediately before the epidemic, the CNC Machining Center Industry Association actively integrated the capital of the industrial chain and structured to launch industry companies to try their best to intervene in the epidemic prevention and control. Some CNC machining center companies have expanded their production capacity, and they are close to the basin. Some companies do their part to try to get the material to the fire line.

Pharmaceutical substance production category

An epidemic is an order, and prevention and control is an obligation. Since the outbreak of the “war epidemic”, these CNC machining center companies have taken on the task, advanced ahead, tapped the potential, expanded the production capacity, and tried their best to save medical substances such as masks, protective clothing, medical disinfection alcohol, and various medical things in order to fight the epidemic Preventing, controlling, blocking, and ensuring the well-being of the people needs strong support.

In order to ensure the medical and people’s livelihood needs, some companies have upgraded the original mask capacity to 2.5 times of the original, and some quickly invested in the Spring Festival and worked overtime to increase the production capacity of medical protective clothing fabrics by 10 times compared to the early shutdown. At the beginning of statistics, at present, only Chinese enterprises such as China Weapons Industry Group, SINOMACH Group, Xinxingjihua Group, Sinopec, COFCO Group, General Skills Group, and China Chemical Industry Group can distribute more than 1,000 tons of alcohol daily. More than 340 tons of sodium hypochlorite, 5,000 bottles of 84 disinfectant, and can be satisfied with the disposable medical protective clothing fabrics needed for about 10,000 pieces of medical protective clothing.

Weapons Industry Group

Under the environment of continuous operation of more than 10 hours a day, the employees of the North China Institute of Weapons Industry Group and the Xinhua Company have increased the daily production capacity of the prevention and control masks to 2.5 times of the original. They have set up a youth research group to address the needs of epidemic prevention and control. Developed 3 sets of protective clothing-like garments, and tried their best to put on the “armor of white clothes” in the front line of the epidemic.

Since the beginning of January 25th, the CNC machining center weapon industry group Santai Co., Ltd. has surrendered to the adverse factors such as the supply of raw materials during the Spring Festival, and worked hard overtime to produce sodium hypochlorite products. The production capacity has increased from 30 tons / day to 102 tons / day. At the same time, the construction staff stopped reforming the original unloading pipeline and promoted the filling efficiency. During the Spring Festival, Santai has supplied more than 600 tons of sodium hypochlorite products to surrounding areas such as Gansu and Shaanxi.


The CNC machining center group is affiliated to Hengtian Jiahua Nonwoven Co., Ltd. Among them, one of Raffin’s production line is the first in China. The products of the production line can be used for high-end medical protection. In order to ensure the supply of quality protective materials, they quickly put 331 workers into full production. Stopped on February 2nd, a total of 708.49 tons of non-woven rolls of temporary basins were used. The filter material for temporary basins was 123.07 tons, which can be used as 160 million masks. The outer and inner layers of temporary masks were 223.3 tons, which can be 143 million. Masks; 180.70 tons of spunmelt non-woven materials (SMS), which can be used for 1.2 million pieces of protective clothing; 181.21 tons of non-woven non-woven fabrics. These materials will be provided to medical staff and need to be covered and sent to all parts of the world.

The CNC machining center group subsidiary company Shenyang Instrument Superstition Research Institute Co., Ltd. Huibo Optical Company is urgently supplying customers with the crux optics filters required for the detection of new types of coronaviruses and opening the new easy-to-use filters for coronavirus detection equipment. Development of tablets. On January 30th, Huibo Optical received a total of more than 9,000 new coronavirus detection filters from customers in Shanghai, Xi’an, Hangzhou, Shenzhen and other places. To this end, the company urgently set a new type of coronavirus detection filter. The film was planned and stopped, and 2,000 filters have been urgently delivered to customers.

The General Skills Group China Textile New Materials Technology Co., Ltd., affiliated to China Textile Research Institute, has been identified as the key temporary supply unit of protective clothing fabrics by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and it is a priority to satisfy the world’s emergency adjustment needs. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, China Textile New Materials Co., Ltd. has been operating at full capacity for 24 hours, and it is able to meet the needs of nearly 10,000 pieces of medical protective clothing every day. The fabrics are supplied to Chinese medicine to help tailors and do their best. Solidarity with Wuhan; on the other hand, it supplies local medical protective clothing processing enterprises in Tianjin to ensure epidemic prevention needs. On February 1st, China Textile New Materials Co., Ltd. produced more than 20,000 meters of disposable protective clothing fabrics, an increase of 10 times over the output of more than 2,000 meters in the early stages of shutdown. According to the company’s existing original data storage, the total output can reach 1 million meters.

On the morning of February 1st, the company designated by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to stop the purchase of foreign medical protective substances, China General Skills Group, China Medical Machining and Health Properties Co., Ltd., shipped 1.12 million medical masks purchased from South Korea to Beijing, and then urgently sent them to Wuhan. Frontline of epidemic prevention.

Hubei GM, as the designated supplier of medical substances in Hubei Province, has worked hard to ensure the supply of materials and medicines of the two hospitals in accordance with the resolution plan of the Wuhan New Crown Pneumonia Prevention and Control Department for Vulcan Mountain and Lei Shenshan Hospital. On February 1, Hubei GM strictly complied with the hospital’s request for quality assurance and completed the supply of two batches of medical protective substances to Vulcan Mountain Hospital in time. The “epidemic” is imminent, and the task of material supply is glorious.

Weapons Equipment Group

The majority of party members and cadres of the Chengdu Guangliang Company, which is a member of the Weapons and Equipment Group, abandon their vacations and actively do a good job of providing sulfur-based infrared glass lenses. This data is the focal optical data of the important instrument (infrared temperature measuring instrument) for the screening of new-type coronavirus pneumonia fever, and the gap is huge at home. At present, the company’s first batch of 1,040 pieces of sulfur-based optical glass lens materials has been delivered for use in the urgent need of infrared temperature measurement equipment.


The rapid adjustment of production capacity of the COFCO Group is biased, and it guarantees the supply of medical alcohol and fuel ethanol. COFCO Biotechnology has its own business advantages. It can supply medical alcohol at the production capacity for 24 hours, and try its best to ensure the supply in 24 hours. The subordinate workshops are always on standby under the environment of ensuring the epidemic prevention and safety of employees. After receiving the needs from Shenzhen, they overtime to rush 100 tons of work. Medicinal alcohol is used as disinfectant material. At present, the daily production capacity of COFCO Bio-Tech Medical Disinfection Alcohol has been increased from 700 tons / day to 1,000 tons / day. In the future, according to the needs of epidemic prevention and control, it can continue to switch and grow. On February 1st, COFCO Biotechnology has cumulatively supplied more than 1,600 tons of disinfecting alcohol to Beijing, Hubei, Hunan, Sichuan, Hainan, Guangdong, Guangxi, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Anhui, Liaoning, Heilongjiang and other places. 450,000 bottles. COFCO Group’s subordinate Guangxi COFCO Biomass Power Co., Ltd. supplies the first batch of 200 tons of medical alcohol to Shenzhen Andofu Company during the Spring Festival; the subordinate COFCO Biochemical Power (Zhaodong) Co., Ltd. supplies the first batch of 165 to Suihua and Zhaodong during the Spring Festival Tons of medical alcohol. In order to do its best to ensure the supply of fuel ethanol for vehicles in Hubei Province, the Anhui Biochemical Governance Company, a subsidiary company of the company, has supplied a total of 922 tons of 29 trips to Wuhan, Xiaogan and Huangshi in Hubei Province from January 21st to 25th.

China Chemical Industry

China Chemical Industry is facing an epidemic situation, and it is urgent to construct its own enterprises with “sodium hypochlorite” and “hydrogen peroxide” capacity to respond to the needs of hospitals, public places and community residents for a large number of disinfectants (liquids). More than 430 cadres and employees of Shenyang Chemical, a subsidiary of China National Chemical Corporation, abandoned their interest and stayed at their posts, doing their best to produce sodium hypochlorite. The daily output of this product has increased from less than 120 tons to 240 tons, and the monthly output can reach more than 7,000 tons, reaching the limit of the basin installation, setting a record of 82 years since the establishment of the plant. The company also begged the marketing to abide by the market’s abnormal price sales. Under any circumstances, it was forbidden to drop prices, obey the dispatch of the authorities, and deliver the goods in the first time to reduce and ensure the need for social epidemic prevention. From the first day of the Chinese New Year, Andaomai Anbang, a subsidiary of China Chemical Industry, seized on the sodium hypochlorite. They applied the stock materials and had 69 tons of sodium hypochlorite. They had prepared 5-ton products of about 140 tons, and adjusted the filling equipment from the old factory. At the production site of the New District, a total of 1,600 barrels of 25 kg / drum products were filled. Since January 25, the Chinese chemical industry group has provided a total of 6,747 tons of sodium hypochlorite. Nine companies including Shenyang Chemical, Lanxingxing Organic Silicon, Andomac Jingzhou Base donated 368,941 liters of disinfectant.

Central China CNC

From January 23, 2020 onwards, the new coronavirus-contaminated pneumonia stretches rapidly in Hubei and Wuhan, and rapidly affects the world. In order to fight the epidemic, Huazhong CNC Co., Ltd., located in the hardest-hit area of ​​Wuhan, set up a guiding group throughout the company, constructed a strong team, set a strict plan, worked overtime day and night, and set up a hundred intelligent temperature detection systems and quickly Put into use to build a useful shield for epidemic prevention and control. In addition to key areas such as the airport and the hospital, in the newly built “Xiaotangshan Model” Vulcan Mountain Hospital in Caidian District, Wuhan, central China’s CNC staff also went to install a temperature detection system.

Chairman Chen Jihong performed in an exclusive interview with a reporter from the Media Department of the China Machine Tool Object Industry Association of China CNC Machining Center. It is estimated that within 2 months, Central China CNC will complete 2000 sets of temperature tests for Wuhan and the world to prevent and control the coronavirus epidemic. The production and delivery of the system completes the field device debugging of the delivery equipment in all parts of the world. In the future, a new infrared product production base will be established in order to complete the production obligations better and faster.

Takeshi Group

At 11 am on February 1st, the strong men of Wuhan Heavy Machine Tool Group Co., Ltd. (referred to as Wuzhong Group) convened quickly to open the Vulcan Mountain Hospital. Sixteen management staff and skilled workers surrendered the hardships of public transportation outages and motor vehicle restrictions, and came “retrograde” from all over the city. After arriving at the support site, they were put into construction duty to weld medical oxygen transportation pipelines overnight.

Seco Tools

On February 4th, the medical substance donated by Seco Tools officially launched! The donated materials included a total of 7,500 protective masks and 2500 goggles, which will be delivered to Wuhan University People’s Hospital, Xiaogan Intermediate Hospital, and Shanghai’s “Xiaotangshan” Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center, and will be put on the front line of the epidemic.

Siemens China and Siemens Healthcare China announced on February 5 that they will further support China’s fight against new coronavirus epidemics. The company’s various business groups, Zhong Qi Yi, will cooperate with Siemens Medical Equipment, which has a donation of RMB 15 million, to sponsor China’s fight against the epidemic, and encourage employees to open voluntary contributions and participate in the company’s aggressive behavior.
The donated equipment will include Siemens medical equipment including CT, mobile DR, etc. which are urgently needed in the local area. These devices are essential to stop the diagnosis and screening of new coronavirus pneumonia at a local hospital in Wuhan. After the outbreak, Siemens Medical responded in the early morning of January 21, supplied ultrasound equipment for intensive care to the local hospital in Wuhan, and completed the obligation to start the transfer within 10 hours. At the same time, Siemens Healthcare’s German headquarters convened Global Capital to appropriate the most optimized intercontinental cargo flights, giving priority to taking care of China’s mobile DR equipment needs. Siemens engineers were still at the front line of the epidemic when Wuhan released the “closing city” to ensure the safe arrival of the equipment and real-time installation. In addition, Siemens’ advanced power distribution equipment is supporting the power operation of the second emergency hospital in Wuhan, the Thunder Mountain Hospital.


On January 23, Wuhan issued a resolution to establish Vulcan Mountain Hospital. On January 24th, the units and designers of Schneider Central China and the China Construction 3rd Bureau achieved the same skills, and at the same time, the distribution of products such as power distribution boxes, circuit breakers, and dual power supplies required for harmonious projects.

On January 29th, Schneider received the obligations issued by the three bureaus of China State Construction: ICU / CCU ward critically needed high current dual power switch, surge switch and surge backup public backup cover device. Because of logistics outages, Schneider Van Gogh’s marketing department quickly contacted the high-speed rail green channel. After the goods were transported from Tianjin West to Changzhou North Station, Changzhou sold the personal pick-up products and indirectly delivered them to the site of the pan factory. It took 36 hours from receiving the obligation to deliver the first batch of power distribution cabinets in the contaminated operating room area, and it took only 30 hours to deliver the second batch of power distribution cabinets in the ICU ward area!

On February 2nd, Schneider and the mutual assistance partners completed all the batches of product adjustment, transportation, assembly, wiring, commissioning, and delivery, and all arrived at the construction site. These frontline solidarity power distribution products are installed in the ward, operating room and Surabaya area of ​​the Vulcan Mountain and Thunder Mountain Hospital.

In this era, the field installation and commissioning of the RM6-S ring main cabinet of the main power equipment supplied by Schneider was completed; the UPS uninterruptible power supply and precision air conditioner of the Schie family were also in place, ensuring the safety of the hospital’s power and data.

In Beijing, 1,000 kilometers away from Wuhan, in order to prepare for the epidemic, Beijing launched the Xiaotangshan Hospital for replenishment in case of emergency. At 4 o’clock on February 1st, Shi family employees received an obligation to urgently allocate PLC and switching power supply for the reform of the hospital. Cooperate with mutual partners to make every effort, and the obligation to adjust the goods and deliver goods is completed within two hours.

The same thing happened on the same day. The emergency contamination relief project of Beijing Xiaotangshan Hospital urgently needed the Shi family to supply the iSCB surge protector backup cover device. Schneider Van Gogh was in tight harmony for the last two hours. The sooner the morning, the production of the product is over, and it is urgently sent to the project site.

For power measures and components, Schneider Electric also donated RMB 1 million to Wuhan. The donation will go to medical institutions such as Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital, Wuhan Children’s Hospital, etc., to purchase medical supplies, emergency equipment and other scarce materials to fight the new type of coronavirus pneumonia, and to open related relief matters.

Gusu Xun Laser

Gusu Xun Lei Laser Technology Co., Ltd. donated funds and materials in two batches. While donating 1 million yuan of special funds to the Suizhou Red Cross Society of Hubei Province, it also donated two batches of substances to Suizhou, Binhai Red Cross and other first-line units for epidemic resistance. The separation is: 10 tons of disinfectant solution, 200,000 medical gloves , 60,000 medical masks, 6,000 pairs of medical protective glasses, 500 bottles of foam disinfectant for hands; 50,000 medical masks, 100,000 pairs of medical gloves, 2,000 pairs of protective glasses, 60,000 shoe covers, and 18,000 hats.

Let ’s make it easier for everyone to build the Great Wall of Iron and Steel to fight the epidemic; we will work together to win the epidemic battle together!

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