Because cnc processing has many advantages, more and more people choose this way to complete their projects.

cnc machining taypes

The characteristics of cnc machined parts on CNC machining are: After the workpiece is processed, the CNC system can control the machine tool to automatically select and replace the tool according to different processes; automatically change the spindle speed, feed rate and the movement path of the tool relative to the workpiece and Other auxiliary functions continuously process multiple steps such as drilling, boring, reaming, boring, tapping, and milling on each workpiece surface.

Since the CNC machining center can complete various processes in a centralized and automatic manner, it avoids artificial operation errors, reduces workpiece clamping, measurement and adjustment time of the machine tool, and workpiece turnover, handling and storage time, greatly improving processing efficiency and processing. Precision, so it has good economic benefits.

The CNC machining center can be divided into a vertical machining center and a horizontal machining center according to the position of the spindle in space.

cnc machining shop in china
cnc machining shop in china

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