Swiss type lathe is also known as the Swiss type lathe. It is a high-speed, high-precision, high-automatic machine tool. With the Swiss-type lathe, it can process the size shown in the figure below with a roundness of 0.0002 with only one processing. Parts, which is difficult to achieve with other types of machine tools.

The precision swiss machining lathe does not refer to a machine tool made in Switzerland. It was originally designed in Switzerland as a turning center for small, high-precision parts used in the watch industry.

Unlike traditional lathe parts where the tool movement is fixed, the Swiss-type lathe allows parts to move in the Z-axis direction while the tool is fixed.
As shown in the figure below, the rod-shaped blank is clamped on the guide sleeve on the machine tool, and the blank is gradually fed outward along the guide sleeve, only extending out the part of the blank currently to be processed, which can maximize the clamping stability of the workpiece. Minimize the deformation and vibration of the workpiece and improve the processing accuracy.

When additional support is required, the secondary shaft can be moved to a certain position to grasp the front end of the part.

The use of rotating tools makes Swiss-type machines also capable of milling and drilling. The Y axis of the machine provides complete milling functions, a feature that many CNC lathes have dreamed of, which can greatly reduce machining time. In addition to rotating tools, many Swiss-type lathes are equipped with drilling and boring tools on the back machining tool holder. When the part is clamped on the secondary shaft, these tools can be used to drill and boring the part to complete the processing of all parts. Although the traditional CNC lathe can also carry out C-axis rotary tool processing, the unique design of the Swiss-type machine tool makes it more powerful and more accurate.

Today’s Swiss cnc machine tool has been greatly improved compared to the Swiss-type machine tool originally designed for the watch industry to process mini watch parts. Swiss-type machines can now process parts with diameters up to 1.25″ and speeds up to 12,000 RPM.

Swiss-type machine tools are now widely used in the processing of precision parts in the fields of automobiles, medical devices, and electronics industries.

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